nexus ['nɛksəs] n

1. a means of connection between members of a group or things in a series; link; bond

2. a connected group or series [from Latin: a binding together, from nectere to bind]

This online database was developed through the collaborative efforts of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative, National Wildlife Federation and Environment Canada. (a.k.a. 'NExUS') is a searchable online database that provides a gateway to climate information for the Eastern US, Atlantic Canada and the maritime region known as the Northwest Atlantic.

NExUS summarizes available data, tools, plans and reports; climate-related organizations; ongoing projects; and needs for climate information identified largely in publications. This search tool for regional climate information seeks to foster collaborative opportunities for climate-related work in the Eastern US and Atlantic Canada.

For more guidance on how to locate resources in NExUS, please see the Using NExUS page. The database is still in development and the sponsoring partners welcome feedback .